The World Forest Foundation

The World Forest Foundation implements global reforestation in line with the highest ecological and social standards.

The World Forest Foundation is a platform oriented towards the common good, which firstly brings together all the relevant parties from politics, society and business in order to promote socially, economically and ecologically sustainable reforestation.

Sustainable climate protection and functioning, eco-social market economies are factors that will secure our prosperity and our standard of living worldwide. That's why it's important to get involved now and invest in global climate protection. Companies must recognise their potential to help reinforce this protection:
This initiative allows every individual to do their part:

  • The initiative contributes towards solving climate problems in the long term and securing general prosperity with specific reforestation projects according to the principle "close to nature, forest, restoration".
  • This allows companies, organisations and private individuals to act as international role models.
  • It is an investment in an economically profitable as well as ecologically sustainable project that provides jobs worldwide.
  • This forest management allows companies to trade both sustainably and in a climate-neutral manner and have this certified.
  • Corporate responsibility is achieved and attracts customers and consumers.
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